Final Thoughts.

I’ve been at Baker for a while. Once I graduate in December, I will have spent four and a half years on Baker University’s campus as a student. Along the way, I’ve picked up a couple of minor (or not so minor, depending on you look at them) pieces of wisdom that I feel could be helpful to many current and future students.

First, I’ve learned that living off-campus is SOOOOO much cheaper. Don’t let the daunting prospects of rent, bills, and buying your own groceries scare you off. You will save an incredible amount of money if you live in an apartment off-campus. No meal plan and no dorm payments equal a much larger refund check. So once you feel you’re ready to take that step, I’d recommend you waste no time and dive in.

Second, I’ve learned that if you don’t want every single person who ever graces the grounds of Baker’s campus to know your business, become a hermit. Because, while Baker’s intimacy does allow for much stronger relationships with professors and students alike, it also enables gossip to spread faster than wildfire. I’ve had mere acquaintances come up to me and apologize that my relationship didn’t work out. A little erie. 

Third, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you can find two or three true friends that last you beyond this place, you’ve done really well. I’m not talking about your group of gals that go with you to the lodge for margarita night, or you bros who shoot hoops with you on the weekends. I’m talking about the type of friend who knows you as well as you do. Who knows each secret of your life and how each of them has and does affect you. If you can hang on to just a handful of truly close friends of that sort, you’ll be in good shape. 

Lastly, I’ve come to the conclusion that the rough times are inevitable. They will happen (if they already haven’t). It will be hard, especially at Baker, where everyone will know about it. You may lose friends in bitterness, have your heart broken, or even, God forbid, fail a class. In these seemingly never-ending moments, do your best to remember one thing: Those moments are just that. Moments. Nothing more. And they will pass. It will sting for quite a while, and your group of friends may look very different after it’s all over, but they will end. 

So as I (hopefully) ride off into the sunset, remember three thing: Have fun during your time here, cherish the people around you while you have them, and remember to keep your head up during the tough moments. You can do it, I promise. I know.

Because I did. 

-Shawn Deegan


~ by dbozmedia on August 30, 2012.

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