Radio Magic

By Ashley Payne

Before I started my internship at the radio station that I now work at, I never thought twice about the way they run things. Which is strange since I know from being on the TV staff here at Baker that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to productions. I’m sure the things that I’m blogging about should be no-brainers, but most people wouldn’t think of them unless they were going into the profession.

First off, there is no “graveyard shift.” Yes, the DJ’s that you know and love are on at the hours that normal people are asleep, but they aren’t actually there. Stations have normal business hours like everyone else. The fact is that there’s this magical thing called “Voice-Tracking.” For those of you who don’t know that is, it’s radio jargon for “recording your voice.” I’m sure there are big stations somewhere that can afford and find people crazy enough to work late shifts, but not every station can.

This leads me to my next radio magic revelation: DJ’s aren’t always live. I’m not saying that they aren’t EVER live. I just mean that there are some instances where they have to record parts, or all, of their show.

As for my last point, there are typically at LEAST one or two shows that are syndicated at each and every radio station. The definition of syndication is: The sale of the right to broadcast radio shows and television shows to multiple individual stations, without going through a broadcast network. While it may seem like those specific shows you hear are done at your favorite radio station, they are actually just paid to say the radio name and other random bits of information to seem like it’s specifically from that station.

So, like I said, these should be no-brainers, but most people like to stay in the dark about the ins and outs and not ruin the radio magic.


~ by dbozmedia on September 2, 2011.

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