Interacting with Online Media

by Xiomara Nunez

Everyday people around the world interact with each other in various way; in person, over the phone, text messages, and online. Although the media used serves the same purpose, everyone uses them for different reasons. One of the most used social mediums is Facebook. I too am guilty of spending an unnecessary amount of time on Facebook in order to avoid things I have to do. I not only use Facebook to kill time, but to stay in touch with friends from high school. Much like myself, my roommate Shelly uses Facebook to kill time, but also to keep up with her family and friends from high school. I also use other sites, but mainly online. I like to use to obtain information locally and worldwide. Also, I use StumbleUpon and YouTube for entertainment. My friend, Kim, mainly uses Facebook, Skype, Deviantart, and Gaia Online, but with a purpose. She uses these in order to get information, communicate with friends and her boyfriend, or just for entertainment. Interacting with others online is done differently by everyone and although some might not realize it they are deciding what is popular and what others should see or look into. For example, if someone posts something they find interesting on Facebook someone else will see it and possibly look it up which will give feedback to whatever was originally posted. Also, like on YouTube and StumbleUpon once you watch or like content on these sites similar content is suggested to you. The way people interact online especially in social sites affects the content others see even if they realize it or not. People spend several hours on Facebook, YouTube, or other social sites and media simply for entertainment, to kill time, or to connect with friends. Whatever the reason may be, social sites are a big part of people’s lives today.


~ by dbozmedia on September 2, 2011.

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