Vending Machine Makeover

Megan Perry

Who has not ever stood around a soda vending machine rummaging through pockets searching for change?

The machines traditional set up is standard across the board. A six-foot box in which a person inserts coins, presses a button, and out falls a pop. Fairly simple. Nothing too exciting or innovative.

This was all true until PepsiCo revealed a potentially new and interactive vending machine, which allows for endless possibilities for consumers.

Calling it “the next generation in interactive vend technology,” this new machine allows users to  touch a screen and buy not only their drink, but also a gift. This gift comes in the form of a mini video or text message. All the pop purchaser has to do is enter the recipient’s name and number then the gift is sent directly to them. A code is also generated for those at the machine providing instructions on how to redeem the beverage at another social vending machine.

I am impressed with how even the pop industry is finding ways to access people through the social media. It just goes to show how something which has stayed pretty basic since its creation can still continue to evolve.


~ by dbozmedia on May 10, 2011.

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