Radiation Exposed

Megan Perry

It is difficult to find a person today who does not own a cell phone. Children as young as 9 are given phones to get in contact with who knows who, and those as old as 79 can be seen chatting away. Home phones are becoming obsolete, while phonebooks are shrinking. All this is occurring as the world has become a mobile mecca.  Since this is nothing new to most people, a possible lawsuit from the cell phone industry against San Francisco is.

A vote last June by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors required all cell phone stores to have postings of the Specific Absorption Rate of each mobile. This would allow potential buyers to see up front the amount of radiation coming from the varying devices. After much argument of this proposition, another decision was made to instead have more of a tip sheet available to consumers on how to avoid radiation exposure from headsets and speaker phones.

Before reading this article, I honestly have never considered the potential radiation damage I am causing via my phone. Do not people have a right to know what they are getting themselves into? Now this may not be as extreme as a surgeon generals warning on a cigarette box, but the purpose is the same. If a device can cause damage, should a person not know what risk they are putting themselves and family members in?


~ by dbozmedia on May 10, 2011.

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