Blurry iPhone 4

By Alesha Miller

With as great as everyone thinks the iPhone 4 is, and for as great as it should be, you would think Apple would have upgraded the camera on the phone as well when updating the phone from a 3gs to a 4. People expect things from Apple to be high tech and awesome.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I like to take photographs with my iPhone 4 rather than with my camera. It’s got better quality than most phone cameras, or so I thought. It takes great pictures when one is outside, but when a picture is taken from the camera phone indoors, it turns out very grainy and it’s not very good. So the advantage on the iPhone 4 is to have two camera phones on the phone. There’s one on the front, and one on the back. I thought I was the only one having this issue with the iPhone 4 camera, but I am not, which actually makes me feel a little bit better.

One person said the following on “So … here’s the scoop … my iPhone 4, with the latest version of iOS installed, everything upgraded, etc., and not jailbroken, takes rotten pictures about 99.44% of the time … very blurry. when I activate the camera, the view is extremely sharp for half a second, then it gets blurry. If I futz with the zoom, same thing happens — it’s sharp for a half-second, then goes blurry again. Same thing happens when I toggle between video and still modes. The results I found with Google say that if the factory reset doesn’t fix the camera, it’s a hardware problem.”

This is very similar to what happens to my phone! I usually think my photos come out fine until I upload them to my computer or Facebook, then they are a grainy, blurry disaster.

The main thing I have learned about this is, if I am going to take good pictures, I should plan to use my actual camera. It just really stinks that I can’t use the one on this expensive phone without maybe taking it back to the store and replacing it. Especially when my parents bought for me this nice item for Christmas. I’ll be happy with what I have.


~ by dbozmedia on April 24, 2011.

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