Convenience Store Meets Facebook

Megan Perry

Social media and I have always seemed to dance around in an on and off again relationship.

I am pretty proud to say I cannot even remember my last Facebook status update or wall posting. Not to say anything is at all wrong with those faithful followers, but it all seems to be too much of hassle. Plus, my level of ‘easily distracted’ is high enough already without the constant clicking around for new posts.

All this said… it was to my own surprise when my boss comes proudly into work waving around an article from his favorite convenience store magazine. The article was all about how every business can benefit from having a Facebook. The site is not all about the talking to friends and venting about your day. For people, like my boss, who do own a small business, it is truly about having an ability to reach out on a larger scale.

After showing me the article, I spent the next four hours of work explaining to my (not so technology understanding) boss the ways of social media.

Step by step.

Friend by friend.

Click by click.

By the end of my long shift, we had the store up and running. It was at this moment the concept of access really hit me. Sometimes it is so easy to forget how accessible the internet is as a tool for good. Not always just a tool for mere distraction.


~ by dbozmedia on April 8, 2011.

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