Skype, the hidden resource

by Patrick Howell

Everyone uses Skype, but few actually use it.

This tool is something that can be used in so many ways especially at a small college institution such as Baker.

There is something about talking to someone and seeing them at the same time that makes it so much more preferable in communication. You can understand them far more easily and pick up on certain things more easily.

Why not use Skype for a class project rather than trekking to the library on dorm room at a odd time in the evening when nobody has anything planned? It would be so much easier to simply hop on your laptop in your dorm room, on your favorite couch.

Also, how about utilizing Skype for those pesky meetings with professors or administrators?

How about this … Skype the helpdesk staff members. It would be so helpful to see them and probably less stressful. And who better to start with than those nice people who know how to use new technology?


~ by dbozmedia on April 6, 2011.

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