Old and New Media Habits

by Alesha Miller

There is a big difference between my media habits today and what my habits were in the past. In the past, the cool thing for young people to use, where I was from, was MSN Messenger. A person could talk to friends all the time. In the summer, I would turn on MSN Messenger and sit there all day doing nothing. That wasn’t healthy at all, but I know I wasn’t the only one who did that because my friends were on too.

Then the next big thing was MySpace. I don’t think that anyone really uses MySpace anymore except for people who are trying to get into the music industry. But when I used MySpace, it was cool. It was the first time I had ever used code! You could change the backgrounds and the looks of your page, and usually most teens’ pages were hideous because of their color choices and themes. Mine was awful. Between my text and background colors, I probably had the rainbow across my page.

I also tried sites like Tagged and some other site that may have been called High Five. I never used it much so I can’t remember. But Hotmail was a big thing too. Everyone seemed to have a Hotmail account. My friend helped me make mine. Everyone’s were very cheesy and dorky. Today, I would be embarrassed to give it out if I had to.
But today I’ve I think I am proof that I can keep up with social media. My friend finally told me about Facebook and then I was hooked.

I haven’t used MSN Messenger in ages because there is chat on Facebook. I think that Facebook definitely took over the social realm of social networking and LinkedIn took over the social/career side of networking. Skype has also become a part of my life. With friends living in Germany and my best friend three hours south of Baker University it has become a great tool.  I think these sites are here to stay and will be updated over time. They are too convenient not to have.


~ by dbozmedia on April 2, 2011.

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