Girl Scouts Go Plastic

Megan Perry

Girl Scout cookies are a known icon across America. Who has not been suckered in by those little business savvy girls who know how to use charity work and dimples as to sell thin mints, coconut delights, and lemon drops? I cannot even count how many times I am attacked between trips to the grocery store and weekly babysitting. Those who can make it a year without purchasing a box are part of a minority.

Never making it more than a week as an official Girl Scout, my cookie experience is only from the viewpoint of the consumer. In an article by the Associated Press, these ladies are hitting the 21st century with how they do business. Days of wagon pushing and money collection are over. Now all a buyer has to do is swipe a card with the help of a smartphone.

Testing the new system, 200 Ohio troops are using GoPayment. This device is a free card reader which hooks onto the smartphone, and allows the cashless out to make a purchase.

A decision to make this change was to appease the growing number of people who never carry cash in a day where running a piece of plastic is much more convenient.

So far for the troops in Ohio, the convenience is paying off with a reported 20 percent sale increase so far just from last year.

Another innovated move on this 100 year old group is the “USA Cookie Finder” application for iPhones. It uses a GPS to allow users to find the nearest place where cookie sales are occurring. Twitter and Facebook also have places to post about locations for cookie sales.

I am actually pretty impressed with how an organization which is rooted in tradition can still find ways to evolve with the times. They are working with what their new audience of customers to continuing improving a nearly century old business.


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