Is Facebook Too Nosy?

by Alesha Miller

Facebook is becoming a little too nosy these days. Recently, Facebook has made another adjustment throwing off some of its users.

In one’s Facebook account options it says, “Social ads pair an advertiser’s message with news about the actions your friends have taken, such as liking a Page. Please be aware that:
-We don’t sell your personal information to advertisers.
-Your privacy settings always apply to your Facebook content, including any content about you in a social ad.”

But is this getting too personal? Facebook is going to see what your friends like so you can like it too? Personally, I like to form my own opinions about what I do and do not like.

Facebook also says, “Facebook does not give third party applications or ad networks the right to use your name or picture in ads. If this is allowed in the future, this setting will govern the usage of your information.” Given this wording, it sounds like in the future our names and photos may be used in future advertisements. I don’t know about others, but I don’t want to be in an ad! If someone would like to pay me to use my photo to be in an ad, then I might allow it. I think Facebook is getting into its user’s business and they should slow down a little. Although, giving the option to be in an advertisement or being shown your friends’ likes is better than not having the option to make your own choices on Facebook. I hope that in the future Facebook doesn’t use people’s photos as advertisements.


~ by dbozmedia on March 22, 2011.

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