You Got (Less) Mail

Megan Perry

If I was to make a pie chart of all the sites I log on to during the course of a day, my email would swallow that pie in one bite.

A majority of my email obsession stems from the constant flow of newspaper information and advertising requests, which comes with the territory. I just find it so interesting how every time I am near a computer. This strong desire to always just quickly check my in-box takes over.

Now I bet I do not only speak for myself when the annoyance takes over when 18 new junk mail messages greet me. I do my best to create folders to keep everything separated, but messages still slip through the cracks. Important messages even become lost amongst the madness.

To help the fellow frustrated, Google has announced a new e-mail feature to automatically sort messages into groups. Those with g-mail accounts will be able to access “smart labels” to free up the inbox.

Any message considered trash will be sorted into three categories: bulk, notifications and forums. Google reports people with this new feature says users spend 15% less time sorting through messages.

Personally, I enjoy the idea of having a program which will already do the sorting for me. The potential of mail accidentally becoming lost without you realizing is still a risk, but every new program has kinks.


~ by dbozmedia on March 12, 2011.

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