Flash Drive Crisis

By Jordan Dolbin

They say you never miss a good thing until it’s gone. Well, this held true for me when I lost my flash drive a week ago. I never realized how convenient a flash drive was and just how many important things I store on it. Not only did I have all my assignments, essays, and projects on my flash drive, but I also had a whole memory cards worth of pictures uploaded on it, too.

The realization of how convenient a flash drive really is hit me when I had to do my project for my digital media class. Because saving your work to the computers in the Mac Lab doesn’t guarantee it will be there the next day, I had to attach all my work to an email and send it to myself every time I worked on it. After doing this 10 times, it really started to get old. Rather than just “dragging and dropping” my work into my flash drive folder, I had to log in to my email, start a new message, attach the files and then send it. I know this only adds an extra two minutes but it’s an unnecessary two minutes that can definitely be avoided.

So long story made short, I will be getting a new flash drive and I will be taking very good care of it. I really think a flash drive is a college students must-have.


~ by dbozmedia on February 28, 2011.

One Response to “Flash Drive Crisis”

  1. I just received an email from Pricilla Ebel in the library saying they found a flash drive. It could be yours.

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