Let the Movie Watching Begin

Megan Perry

Streaming movies and television shows online appear to have become a thing of the future. Why bother renting a movie when a person can just as easily watch it from a laptop or off a Wii?

During the long drawn out weeks of winter break and interterm, I enjoyed catching up on all the movies and shows the school year deprives me from watching. After quickly exhausting my collection, and refusing to pay money, I followed a lead to Netflix’s instant movie option. Signing up for a free month’s subscription, it was time to let the movies begin instantly.

Just think. A world without worrying about running back to the store, going to the post office, or those ridiculous late fees. Sounds like a dream come true to me.

Now my experience with movie streaming did not end well due to an old computer and bad internet connection. However, I do know people with much better computers who live and breathe this up and coming phenomenon. Netflix reported to having more of their subscribers watching  movies online versus the mail option.

Besides Netflix, other mainstream sites are jumping on this bandwagon. People these days are glued to a computer, so let’s make one more thing easily assessable. Amazon just announced their plans to offer those paying for Amazon Prime service instant movie and TV show streaming option. On top of free shipping for products, Amazons service will charge those members nothing more for the rentals beside the $79 fee paid annually.

Just a couple years ago, Redbox was dominating video rentals for only a dollar a day, causing actual video rental stores to become obsolete. Not to be outdone yet, Redbox has also announced plans to offer online streaming.

Time to watch the battle of the online movie giants unfold.


~ by dbozmedia on February 25, 2011.

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