Jeopardy! Computers vs Humans

By Jordan Dolbin

So in the past people have joked that “technology is going to take over the world,” but in the past week it has looked like it could be a possibility. This week they had the IBM challenge on Jeopardy where they made a computer that competed on the show against two former contestants that had won the most money.

When I heard this, I thought there was no way a computer could beat humans but Watson, the computer, definitely proved me wrong. He won two days in a row with winnings totaling $77,147.

After watching this, I was a little concerned about robots taking over the world, which sounds completely absurd — but still, Watson just dominated the best Jeopardy player ever, Ken Jennings.

Before you freak out, I did a little research into why Watson was able to do so well. They said that because Jeopardy questions often have pronouns that serve as a buzz word for the computer, it is able to use an algorithm to find the answer. However if you ask a common sense question, Watson will not be able to answer it while a human would be able to without really thinking.


~ by dbozmedia on February 18, 2011.

One Response to “Jeopardy! Computers vs Humans”

  1. While I found the message behind this post compelling, I was a bit shocked that someone who shares my gentic lineage would allow an article on this topic to be published with such a dearth of techno-culture references. Literally decades of science fiction about technology imposing its will on humans as blog fodder, but not a single comment? No Terminator jokes about Skynet? No 2001 allusions to HAL 9000? No quips about Asimov’s Three Laws from I, Robot? A perfectly good chance for a sci-fi homage to your favorite sibling, and you let it go to waste; for shame…

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