The Rise of the Machine

Megan Perry

Soaking up random bits of information is my thing. Who really knows where the preoccupation with facts began? However, since I can remember, a hyped-up dream has sat in the in the back of my mind to one day join the ranks of the great trivia masters.

A show is out there for those like me called Jeopardy. I feel sorry for the person who has never had the chance to sit in front of the television for thirty minutes keeping track of the ‘potential’ money you could be winning with every right answer.

Yes this is my favorite show and you are probably wondering what my post has to do with technology. On Monday’s  (02/14) airing of Jeopardy, a twist will be made. The normal set up is to have three contestants put up against one another. Those enterprising people at IBM decided to make a change to the definition of contestant. Instead of three humans, a computer named Watson will be making a grand debut.

Placed up against two Jeopardy legends, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, this battle of knowledge will exemplify the meaning of man versus machine.

In an article I read from CNN’s website, Watson’s creator mentioned how this competition is to show how future computers will be more understanding and knowledgeable.  I think this is just down right scary.

Technology is evolving everyday. Not a day seems to go by where I do not use my phone or log onto a computer. Now a point has come where the technology we all love could potentially begin taking the place of human intelligence.

Despite my slight apprehension of this genius computer, I will no doubt tune in to see a Jeopardy challenge like no other.


~ by dbozmedia on February 11, 2011.

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