Too plugged in?

By Alesha Miller

Being plugged into the media is important in a variety of ways in our lives. We should keep up with what is going on in the world and we should know how to use a cell phone or know how to use a basic computer. But when does “being plugged in” need to stop?

Recently, I found out that I was “too plugged in.” While working on a project, I lost everything on one of my flash drives. Teachers always tell their students to back up their work and I’ve decided maybe I should back it up in several places. From day to day we don’t think of what would happen if we lost information on our computers, external hard drives, or flash drives. But people sometimes store very private information or very important documents on the technical devices.

For example, my parents store their tax information on a flash drive, but they make sure to keep hard copy documents as well. I think that is a smart idea. If I would lose an important document like my resume, I think I would be upset because it would take a long time to retype and form again. I should probably do what my parents did and make a hard copy as a back up.

But the bad thing to being too plugged in is that one cannot make hard copies of everything. You cannot print off a computer program. Technology doesn’t work that way. My family has found this out a couple times over the years. We have had hard drives crash in the past. That can become expensive quickly. For example, when one loses the Microsoft Office programs, usually, they have to be paid for again to get the programs onto a computer. But nowadays, one can probably use the Microsoft website and enter a code to put it back on a computer. In the 90s and early 2000s,  for my family it wasn’t always that easy because we were not as technically savvy as we are now.

Overall, I have decided if one cannot make hard copies of work or did not back up the work, there is still a solution. Although it can become expensive, there are companies out there with employees who know how to recover things from flash drives, external hard drives and computers. Thank God for those people!


~ by dbozmedia on December 12, 2010.

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