Coffee Maker …

By Tera Lyons

For the past three months of school I have awoken almost every day to the chugging of the coffeee maker and the smells drifting up to my bunk. These last few days have been tough because it is my roommate’s coffee maker and she has been the one making the coffee since we arrived here. With her away at nationals for cross country, the coffee maker has idly sat on the counter … being useless … and as much as I want to attempt to use said coffee maker I don’t know if it is worth it.

Certainly, the coffee maker cannot be too difficult to operate. There aren’t many buttons, or places to put things, yet I still do not make the attempt at figuring it out. There is an “on” button which I suppose would be where you started, and still I don’t press it. There are filters and coffee grounds, but they haven’t come together in a while.

I contemplate making the coffee … It would wake me up in the morning, help me finish homework, give me a warm feeling in my belly, but I still can’t get myself to do it. There are so many positives and I still just watch it in the morning expecting it to make itself.

Maybe some technologies are better left a mystery, giving people who understand them a purpose in life; either way, that coffee maker will sit silently on the window sill … performing no real purpose … and then when I get back from break it will begin its duty of making coffee.

When this event occurs, I will be happy, for a coffee maker is a very important piece of technology that someday I might figure out. For now I will wait silently for my roommate to get back and perform the act of making coffee for me.

The Coffee Maker


~ by dbozmedia on November 19, 2010.

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