Goal Line Technology For Soccer

By Jordan Dolbin

Earlier this year in a World Cup qualifier, there was a controversial handball that broke the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Irish fans. France’s Thierry Henry intentionally used his hand to settle the ball and then passed it to teammate William Gallas who scored a goal that crushed Ireland’s hopes of going to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

This is not the only controversy that has happened over the years in soccer. Many times there are shots where the referee and the linesman are not sure if the ball crossed the line. As everybody knows, goals are not easy to get and most games only have one or two, so it is very important to get these close calls right.

I think they should implement some type of goal line technology similar to the technology they have in hockey so they can be sure to get these calls right. There should be a sensor that sets off a signal letting the referee, players, and fans know that the ball was completely in the goal. This could help avoid controversial missed calls that could potentially ruin the season for teams. This technology would maintain the integrity of the game because there would be no need to stop the game like you would have to if there was instant replay.


~ by dbozmedia on November 8, 2010.

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