Turn Down the Volume

By Cassie Wells

Many Baker students use music to stay focused on the way to class.  But if the volume is at the max it could be hurting the students instead of helping.  If a student can’t hear, a student can’t learn. Then students have a harder time becoming productive members of society. Music is a very universal phenomenon but does the volume have to be sky high for it to be enjoyable on iPods? I think not. If a person has to have the music so loud that they can’t hear other people outside of the ear phones, then that person needs to change their playlist.

Car stereos are another way that students can harm their hearing. Trust me, I know it’s fun to blare music in the car but it can also be a massive distraction. Distractions cause accidents which in turn can ultimately cause death to an innocent person just because the driver wanted loud entertainment.

We’re all guilty of this, especially me.  My mom has said “turn down your music” to me numerous times both in my car and on my iPod. I used to think she was crazy, but she’s right. Why waste money buying songs on iTunes when in a few years your hearing will be gone? People should turn it down a notch or two; you’d be amazed about the amount of things you miss out on when you can’t hear.  Just ask a deaf person.


~ by dbozmedia on October 22, 2010.

One Response to “Turn Down the Volume”

  1. Good article Cassie! Keep it up!!

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