Music as it is

By Tera Lyons

It’s amazing the way music seems to be continuously playing in my head. I believe if you were to attach headphones to my thoughts you would hear some of the most interesting music. Maybe it is because when ever I get the chance, I fill silence with music. There is not a moment in time where I can imagine complete quiet, but I guess it just means I will never be good at meditation.

Music also helps me get out my feelings, when I am down I can either dwell in music filled with sadness or I can cheer myself up with something that makes me smile. For instance, there are moments in time where I will listen to music such as Black Veil Brides to just listen to deep music, for some reason they relax me, while if I want to get pumped up I may listen to Linkin Park or Adam Lambert. It all seems to rest upon my mood. It is the outlet for all feelings.

There is a pair of headphones that I would really love to try called noise cancelling headphones that tune out all outside noise and allow you to focus solely on the music. I think it would be great for when you want to get away from the world and keep your mind off of some stressful thinking. Also, for studying I find that it is best for me to work with music, but I hate hearing the people around me. This way I could listen to my own music without interference from the outside world. Maybe it would improve my listening experience dramatically.

Music is the most personal experience and can be directly tied to your personality. Any improvement to this experience can be taken as an improvement to live itself. I want to get a pair of headphones that will improve my day to day life, but the maximum I will spend is not even close to their actual cost, so I will enjoy my music just the way it is.


~ by dbozmedia on September 29, 2010.

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