Music Craze

By Alesha Miller

Recently, I feel as if I am more connected to media than ever before. This time, I’m more connected with music and surprisingly, my school work. Just days ago I downloaded a music program where I can find and keep almost any song that I can think of. After a concert I attended this summer, I am constantly looking for music by a country singing group called Gloriana. Let me say that I think I am now addicted to this new program that I have. From Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 I have found 25 new songs to add to my iPod.

To add on to my current music craze, another student, Gloria Atanmo, sends out a Facebook message from a page she has started called “GL0’z MUSIC PLAYLISTS” (GL0\’z MUSIC PLAYLIST). And she sends out a playlist every so often for what she believes to be the best songs around for the time being. So of course I’ll have to find some new songs for myself from her list.

Earlier I mentioned that my school work has connected me to the media as well. I think if I told my parents this, they would be shocked. The public relations class that I am in has inspired me to do things for my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Our philanthropy is about breast cancer awareness, which is important to many people. I pitched an idea to leaders in our household to have a concert to raise money in support of our philanthropy. I’m using what I am learning in the public relations class to get people to attend the concert. If all goes as planned, my next door neighbor, who is trying to get his name into the media, will be performing at Baker University. I learned about his musical talents through Facebook as well. If you want to hear a great rapper too, you will have to attend the concert or find him one the web (Dubulaye\’s Music).

From my current music craze, I have learned that the Internet isn’t full of big, bad, and scary things like some people believe. On a stressful day with four papers to write, also known as Sept. 21 for myself, the music that I found turned into motivation to get my work done. Media is great entertainment.


~ by dbozmedia on September 28, 2010.

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