Facebook Fights

By Tera Lyons

Today made me want to rant at some of the people who use facebook. No, not every person who uses facebook, but many of them are using it in such a way that they are purposefully starting an argument with someone they would never normally mess with in person. They may be bigger than you, stronger than you, or smarter than you, but facebook makes everyone think they are equal. It is so easy to post something with the knowledge that only those few people who may have pushed your buttons during the day would know what exactly you are talking about. The way to start these arguments is simple, post about your day, that’s it, easy as pie, right?

But it does not end there! No, there are guaranteed to be people worried about your well being who will ask — what is wrong? Why did your day suck? Who am I going to be beating tonight? And at first you will make it sound like no big deal. “Oh, its just one of those days” or “I don’t want to talk about it,” but eventually you will give in and that whole story will be sitting there for the world to see. “(Enter name here) decided it would be funny to trip me in the hallway, but I didn’t think it was funny, but since (enter name here) plays (insert sport here) I couldn’t fight back.” Now even if you are not friends with the person, I am sure one of their teammates and/or friends will eventually hear of this post and tell the person you are talking about.

There is no use pretending that the post never happened. Yes, I know there is a delete button, but most people know that the post already existed. Venting your feelings does make you feel better, but when you pull someone else into it, all it creates is tension and a guaranteed argument with someone. I am sure before the time of facebook, if you had a problem with someone who was bigger than you; you would be less likely to scream to the world that you dislike this person or that they bug you. This would create an event that would bring either a fist fight, that you will most likely lose, or the world will be thinking I can’t believe this person just said that out loud. That’s what facebook does. It is like screaming to the world every time you post. This whole process is what I like to call a “facebook fight.

If you wouldn’t say these things to the person’s face then don’t post it on facebook. Is it too much to ask that you respect the same lines that were drawn hundreds of years ago? I think that would be much more respectable. Will arguing over facebook really make the problem go away? Answer is no. If you really want to complain about someone, do it to people you trust, not the World Wide Web. Now, I found this video that shows exactly my viewpoint on some parts of facebook that aren’t so cool. Enjoy!


~ by dbozmedia on September 15, 2010.

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