Using Too Much Media?

By Alesha Miller

When there’s homework to do online, I always know that either Pandora or YouTube will be the second tab opened in my browser. Actually, it seems like some sort of music is always being played from one of those websites and Facebook is opened as well.

That’s how it goes for people in my generation. We’re obsessed with media! We are constantly using Facebook, Twitter, our cell phones, listening to music, watching TV, talking on Skype or checking for new e-mails.

But people in past generations will sometimes think we are too connected to media. I learned from a class I took last semester that my generation is considered the dumbest generation because of our fascination with media. Or at least that’s what Mark Bauerlein, the writer of The Dumbest Generation, claims. In the book, he says we spend too much time with media and that no one in my generation, also known as Generation Y, reads anymore.

I would have to disagree with him. I think it is good that many of us are staying up with recent media and just because we don’t read books anymore doesn’t mean that we can’t read newspapers and books online or through an iPad or a Kindle Reader. Many of my friends keep up with the online version of our campus newspaper, The Baker Orange. I just hope it’s not to read my articles alone.

For myself, I would have to say that I am keeping up with recent forms of media to the best of my financial abilities. No, I do not have an iPad, but I do use my free e-mail and Facebook accounts and probably more often than I should. But they allow me to keep in touch with family and friends near and far.

That is what I like the most about media. People my age enjoy keeping in touch with others. We’re social networking lovers. Skype, Facebook, and e-mail let me stay in touch with my family and my friends at other colleges across the nation and in Europe.

Overall, I still strongly think that Bauerlein is wrong. Generation Y is not the dumbest generation. I think other generations will have to keep up with the latest media that is moving forward. Although we might be addicted media, I don’t see Skype, cell phones, television, or sites like YouTube and Pandora going away any time soon. They will always be there to distract us.


~ by dbozmedia on September 10, 2010.

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