iPad vs. Textbooks

by Lauren Breithaupt

After three days of classes I am already in a money bind.

What a great way to start the semester.

All these really useful textbooks that I have to buy to enrich my life and fill my brain with knowledge are not helping my situation either.

After my last class on Friday I went to the bookstore and bought my Spanish111 book – it was $175. One hundred and 75 dollars that I worked for all summer by serving up chips and salsa and margaritas to demanding chip-munching, salsa-spilling customers. Exactly how I wanted to spend my money, right? Before throwing another hundred dollars down the drain for a book for class I thought of a brilliant revelation – the iPad.

All right, I know the iPad costs more than one book, but for how much I spent on my books I could buy an iPad and digital books.
The iPad has an application on it where you can actually buy digital textbooks and download them to your iPad. The best part of it all – the books cost more than half the price of buying a textbook.

Here is the breakdown: All together my textbooks are going to cost me $569.50. The iPad starts at $499 and each book ranging from $20-$30. The best part of it all is that I could use the iPad over and over again every semester and just buy digital textbooks.


Here is the letdown, though – it is hard to figure out if the textbooks that I need are actually available for the iPad, and I hate reading on a computer screen. However, before I left for college I did go to the Apple store to spend a very productive hour there playing with the iPad, and it has some great things on it. For example when you are reading, you can highlight certain parts and make notes. Flipping the page just takes a simple swipe and you can zoom in and out of the page (which is perfect since I always forget my glasses).

As for this semester, though, I think I am going to wait on the iPad. I already bought my Spanish book and one of my biology books – next semester, though, I am definitely going to think about the iPad.

Besides, if I get the iPad next semester, it will fit in my cute bag. What more could I ask for?


~ by dbozmedia on September 1, 2010.

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