The Plug In Semester

Megan Perry

I have been more plugged in this semester than ever before. From learning my little camera can do much more than take a simple picture, to making my on website. I have even entered the realms of In Design. Do I feel more confident? Perhaps a little bit. Do I feel much more enlightened? There is no denying it!

It is surprising how much a person can learn just by clicking around and experimenting. When they say it is all about trial and error, they are not kidding. Technology can actually be fun, when you take the time and explore. Walking into the Mac Lab on the first day of class this semester was almost enough to turn me away. Those things are intimidating to a person whose biggest electronic adventure was figuring out how to work her laptop.

Even though I do not consider myself a mastermind yet, it is a work in progress. Some people do not realize how rewarding it is to see something you spent hours creating come together in the end. There were many nights this semester I was privileged enough to see the sun rise from Collins library because I could not just walk away. So in the end, my advice is to stay plugged in and do not let technology get the best of you.


~ by dbozmedia on May 19, 2010.

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