Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

By Alix Schiraldi

With all this technology and media flying around nothing has hit me to talk about. Maybe it’s because I have gotten used to all the new features technology and media have to offer. Who ever would have thought that you could order clothes online and with a simple punch of the keyboard your credit card is processed and boom your clothes are bought without going to battle the ferocious fighters in the mall? I did such a thing the other day. I bought a swimsuit and didn’t even realize until later how convenient online shopping was. Way to make life more convenient for the lazy fools who just sit and order stuff online all day! How easy! I do like the convenience but I guess I kind of miss heading to the mall and battling to grab the last Medium on the shelf.

I also recently realized how convenient my cell phone was. I remember the days when only the elite few had cell phones and now every 9 year old is carrying a cell phone. You can call, text, check email, browse the internet, and do a numerous amount of things in just a few minutes. It really helped when I wrecked my car or if I ever run out of gas, at least if I get service I know I won’t be stranded anywhere for too long. How convenient — yet another way to make things more easy for the lazy folks who can’t get up and go visit their friends, instead they shoot them a video message over their cell phone.

I also realized how convenient my tivo is. I can record anything at anytime to make sure I can catch it later. Another feature that counts towards being lazy, sitting on the couch, and not including physical activity such as moving or going outside for that matter. I do love my tivo, but after thinking about it I think all of these ‘convenient’ technologies and ways of media are making this country even more lazy than before. Everything is being created to make things easier and more convenient so you can do everything just sitting around. Shame on us! This might be a cause into the spreading obese pandemic … hmmm … very interesting indeed. All I’m saying is maybe lazy is the hidden message behind ‘convenient.’


~ by dbozmedia on May 18, 2010.

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