Pandora and Facebook?

By Marlee Johnson

I got on my Pandora account the other day. Turned on my Glee station and started to enjoy my tunes. All of a sudden I noticed something very different on my account. I was confused when I saw pictures of my Facebook friends in the lower left hand corner on my Pandora. It would either say that the person liked the same artist as I did or that they liked the same song. This was very weird to me and initially I was kind of creeped out by the whole process. Each song a different face would pop up and I could see who likes the same music as me. As the days passed and I started to see friends, professors, and family sharing the same love for certain artists, I wasn’t as bothered by the whole concept. I think that this is a cool idea> ou can see who likes the same music as you. I wonder if other people have the same reaction as I do. I kind of like the new idea and hope that Pandora keeps this new addition.


~ by dbozmedia on May 14, 2010.

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