The End of an Era

By Megan Perry

While waiting at a restaurant, crayons and paper used to be just enough to get by until some excitement came around. However, this just does not seem the case anymore. As the technology world increases, the age of the children becoming hooked is decreasing.

We used to hear about the ‘television babysitter.’ Now according to a CNN article it has evolved into the smartphone-sitter. It is convenient and easily portable for any family member on the go.

The iTunes Application Store reported almost half of the top 100-selling educational applications were geared towards children of preschool or elementary age. Since most children at this age do not usually own a phone, someone has to be making these purchases. Has the time of coloring and imagination ended? I now go to baby-sit, and all the children want to do is play their computer games and Wii. Apparently, more fun can be had throwing a Frisbee on a television screen than in reality.

A study conducted in 2007 found 93 percent of children 6-9 years-old had some sort of access to a cell phone. Then for even more of a shock effect, 30 percent had their own personal phone. I can only imagine what these percentages look like just three years later. Whether this is a hindrance or enhancement for children depends on the person.


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