December 8, 1941

by Rachel Hawkins

I guess to start off, I should let cyber-world know that I am an education major. While media is one of my biggest passions, and I love newspapers, I want to teach.

Right now, I’m in an education class at Baker  University called Teaching Reading in the  Content Area, by Carolyn Doolittle. We’re working on a pretty big, final group project where a group of four people (future history, PE, journalism and chemistry teachers) work together, and we have to create a ten-day unit all around one theme; World War II.

The other future teachers keep talking about the neat lesson plans they’ll be using in their classroom. Like talking about the atomic bomb, and playing games that kids in this time period used to play. I knew that I wanted to do something really cool using the journalism skills I’ve acquired over the years, I just didn’t know how to make it work with our topic.

I knew I wanted to talk about Anne Frank and possibly analyze how journalists covered the war. Maybe we’ll talk about the role of journalists during this time, and what struggles they went through. I’ve been putting off my part of the project because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do — I guess you could say, I was waiting for a sign.

Then today, one of my group members walked into the room carrying the holy grail; a newspaper from Dec. 8, 1941. I’ve spent hours reading the different articles in this newspaper and learning first-hand how the attack on Pearl Harbor affected the people of society in the days after the attack.

There are some things that you just can’t learn from history books, some stories that just don’t get told. And that’s one of the reason’s that I love journalism so much, it’s our responsibility to share those stories so that 60 years down the road, people will know what happened and how a specific event impacted people. Although I’m not quite sure what my lesson plans will look like, I feel inspired to get started on them, or at least focus on them a little bit more.


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