Space Truckin’


Speedy drivers already slam on the breaks whenever they spot a police car in the vicinity, but now the authorities may be out of sight, but still keeping an eye on speed demons. reported the British newspaper The Telegraph published a story that PIPS Technology, an American company, has developed a system called “SpeedSpike” that uses a satellite, as well as two cameras near the roads, to catch drivers speeding. This system will be tested on two roads in the United Kingdom, calculating the car’s speed between two points in the road, and a camera taking a picture of the car’s license plate is taken if the driver is speeding, which is then given to authorities.

The article said the main uses will be as somewhat of a replacement for speed bumps and to make sure drivers stay within the speed limit in school zones. This may just be a prototype in Great Britain now, but the use of satellites to enforce the law could become more prevalent in years to come. If that time comes, knowing where the police cars are stationed along a highway will not put speeding drivers in the clear.


~ by dbozmedia on April 23, 2010.

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