Emails on campus

By Marlee Johnson

Everyone at Baker University knows the feeling of checking your email and having an overwhelming looking inbox. When you start to go through your inbox you see that some are important emails from professors, others may help you know what is going on around campus, but then there are the ones that just don’t apply to you in anyway. Emails to specific students, but sent to the whole student body. Is that necessary?

When I check my email in the morning I always seem to have the most random messages from people that I do not know. No, I did not borrow your stapler, or grab your notebook. It would be nice if emails like those could be sent only to those that they apply to rather than being sent every student on campus.

Many students seem to be annoyed by the tons of emails that they receive. It is understandable that many emails must be distributed, but the ones that have really no meaning to majority of the campus should be administered to those involved.


~ by dbozmedia on April 22, 2010.

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