By Rachel Hawkins

As a college student, I have come to rely heavily on music. I always try to keep my iPod charged, but sometimes I happen to forget. So what’s a college kid that has a ton of homework to do? Go to Pandora.

This is an example of the stations you can have from Pandora

This site is a “new, more personalized kind of radio.” All you have to do is enter a popular song or artist that you like and Pandora will generate hours and hours of free music that is by that artist, or is similar to that song. It began in 2000, and since I started my academic journey at Baker, Pandora and I have become great friends.

Some of my stations include Christian artists Chris Tomlin, Shawn McDonald and Casting Crowns. It also includes some of my country favorites like Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift. The Fray, Jack Johnson and Matt Nathanson are must-haves for our late-night work nights on Wednesday’s for The Baker Orange and are all on my Pandora stations.

Through this site, I am able to listen to my favorite songs by my favorite artists, but I am also able to hear new music that I might never have heard before. And my favorite part about it all, is that it is totally free. No strings attached. It’s wonderful.


~ by dbozmedia on April 20, 2010.

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