How happy is this card?

By Ryckey Harper
The world is changing and the digital world is becoming the new era. A new era can change everything from transportation, communication, and cultures but who would have known that a new era could change the way you get birthday gifts and birthday cards? Instead of calling people and telling them happy birthday or mailing them a birthday card, people are sending birthday cards and messages on Facebook. This could change the aspect of the significance of the creativity of picking out a birthday card at the store. This can also hurt the sales of card creators like Hallmark if people tend to send Facebook messages and birthday e-mails. Instead of receiving a card that has some meaning to it; people will be receiving .99 cents birthday icons or free birthday graphics that can be downloaded. So should Hallmark and other companies start developing online birthday cards to compete with these free simple cards?


~ by dbozmedia on April 20, 2010.

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