New cell phone

By Marlee Johnson

Two years ago on my 18th birthday my parents took me to Verizon Wireless to get me a new cell phone. When I got to the store I looked at the Blackberrys and many different touch screen phones with internet and games right on the phone. I picked up a purple Blackberry and thought that it was the one, but then out of the corner of my eye I saw a little tiny basic flip phone sitting at the other end of the store. I walked over, took a look and decided that this was the phone for me. No internet, games, or funky ring tones, but this phone did what it needed to do. My dad asked me if I was sure about this phone and I was definitely sure.

That little phone that I could barely feel in my back pocket lasted me for a while. It had been through so much since the day I got it. Many incidents with water never killed my little phone. It took many tumbles, as well but not until the very end did one fall ruin it all. In February my phone took a fall that cracked the front screen of the phone, so I could no longer see who was calling me. I didn’t want to get rid of this phone because it was the perfect little phone for me, but I knew that it was time.

My dad was getting a new phone and had only had his current phone for a couple of months, so I told me I could have his Samsung Rogue. I took him up on this offer and have had the new phone for about 2 weeks now. This phone is very different from my old one. It is touch screen and pushes open to have a keyboard. The first week of having the phone I had a lot of issues getting used to the touch screen. I couldn’t figure out how to receive picture mail or text messages, but this week I seem to have the hang of it. I really like this new phone and am glad that I got rid of my old flip phone.


~ by dbozmedia on April 7, 2010.

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