High-tech Hygiene


Wi-Fi can be connected to a person’s computer, phone and now toothbrush?

CNN.com reports Carnegie Mellon University professor Jesse Schell believes in the next five years, toothbrushes will be equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities. The thought process is if the amount of time spent brushing your teeth is recorded and posted on the Internet, people would be more likely to brush more regularly.

The idea is also to have the makers of toothbrushes and hygiene products offer incentives, such as coupons, for good brushing habits.

Schell said nearly everything, even every-day chores, could become games of sorts, using the Internet to post results.

The concept looks to be in the best interest of people in promoting strong hygiene habits, but is the use of technology becoming too over the top? You never know, next the new pairs of shoes you buy could have Wi-Fi capabilities to calculate how many steps you take a day. Let the games begin.


~ by dbozmedia on April 7, 2010.

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