Facebook addiction

By Alix Schiraldi

Lately I have found myself putting off projects and closing in on my favorite project of the day, FACEBOOK! I cant seem to peel my eyes away from the computer screen whenever I log on and I can’t seem to focus on the real task at hand, my homework. I look around the library and find that most people are in the same predicament as myself. I don’t understand it nor do I exactly like the fact that I’m glued to Facebook with people’s lives and drama running across my update list. I want to get back to homework and refocus. I want to buckle down on what’s important and even if I tell myself that every day as I sit in the library, I can’t seem to tear myself away from the addiction of Facebook. I almost find myself being embarrassed of how many times I am on Facebook in the day. It’s getting to be quite annoying and I hope I can snap out of it soon. I don’t want to be what everyone calls a “Facebook stalker.”


~ by dbozmedia on April 7, 2010.

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