Cha Cha On!

By Megan Perry

Who is Cha Cha? How do they know what they know? What sort of business scheme do they have where anyone can ask questions 24/7 at no charge? With so many questions on my mind, you know what I should? Ask Cha Cha.

I was kindly introduced to Ask Cha Cha’s texting service a few months ago while I was at work. Now the new catch line for any question: “Let’s ask Cha Cha!”

It is an interesting concept to think about, though. Anyone can now just shoot a text or make a call, and in the matter of minutes your answer is there. What makes this tool stand out from other web-based search engines is the fact all the searching is done by another person. These people are called ‘guides.’ No complicated algorithms here. Then an answer is shot right back to you via text message.

The official Ask Cha Cha website breaks down guides into categorizes. The different job classifications are the Expeditor, Generalist, Specialist and Transcriber. Each specific guide having a unique job and place within the walls of the company.

All technology aside, for now I am just going to continue having  all my driving questions answered with a few clicks of my phone.


~ by dbozmedia on April 3, 2010.

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