TV online

By Marlee Johnson

Last night I was sitting in the TV room of my sorority waiting to start the movie “The Blindside” when some girls walked in to watch a show on television. When they came into the room they saw many of us huddled around the TV to watch our movie, so their response was that they would just watch their show online.

I know that I watch my shows online every week because while living in a house with close to 40 other girls it is hard to call dibs on the TV. I was just a bit shocked to see how many other people chose to watch their shows online as well. It is so convenient that you can just go online and choose the show that you want to watch. There are limited commercials as well, so you don’t have to be watching the show for an hour. Next time you miss your favorite show, don’t flip out — just grab your computer hop into your bed and watch it online.


~ by dbozmedia on March 25, 2010.

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