Books turned into movies

By Alix Schiraldi

In the anticipation of the upcoming “Twilight” series movie, I began to ask myself, “Why do movies that stem from books always suck?” The movies themselves aren’t that bad, but after I read the books then watch the movies, the books are ALWAYS better!

Let’s take the Harry Potter and the Twilight series for example.  The movies leave out SO much information that it annoys me. They almost turn the movies into something else. Especially with Harry Potter. In the last movie I did not like how they added their own scenes that weren’t even in the book and half the time they leave out important information that is in the books. I always tell people to read the books because it will help you understand the movies a lot better. I know the movies are pressed for time and space, but come on, you cant change a scene or information that just ruins it for those of us who ACTUALLY read.

Maybe I am being a little overbearing; personally I like the movies but I love the books. The books fill in the information that people don’t understand after watching the movies.

With the Twilight movies they made them so different than what I imagined from the book. They seem to leave out a lot of information and also make the movies a little cheesy. The books are not presented that way at all and when I watched the movies I laughed at how dumb they where. The books in every series are always better than the movies and that is just a fact.


~ by dbozmedia on March 25, 2010.

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