Photoshop Anyone?

By Megan Perry

With every different semester, knowledge and new experiences are gained. With spring break rapidly approaching, I am taking a moment to reflect on my growth in the area of media thus far.

This is my first semester really diving into the classes I need to earn a major in nass nedia. In two of these classes we focus a lot on Photoshop. Before college, I dabbled a bit in the realms of this apparently much foreign program. However, it appears any knowledge I may have gained in high school has escaped my mind completely. The only thing I could really tell you how to do is download a picture, crop it, and perhaps turn it black and white. Nothing fancy in the least. If we are being honest, though, this is how nearly everything electronic in my life is. I try not to make things too complicated. The same goes for my poor and neglected digital camera.

Since this semester, I feel as if a whole new world of creativity has been opened up to me. The camera which has been just been sitting in its case collecting dust, is now my best friend. Days of fuzzy and colored drained pictures are being thrown out with the trash. Not only can I simply crop a picture, but I am learning to do everything from curves to banners. Also, I have picked up on some new photography techniques. With just a simple click here and there, nearly any picture can now be proudly displayed.


~ by dbozmedia on March 12, 2010.

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