How I Miss the Days!

By Alix Schiraldi

I was thinking about my childhood the other day and how much easier it was. I also was thinking about how a lot of kids don’t play outside anymore and this is due to the fact they are stuck inside playing electronics all day! What has the world come too? The child obesity rate is rising, kids can say PlayStation or DS before they can even walk and parents seem to be OK with that. I remember growing up and ALWAYS being outside. Of course, I occasionally played video games but going outside was always the best! How has this changed? How do kids love sitting inside playing their ps3’s xbox;s, gamecube’s, sega’s, DS’s, and all the other damn video games they play? I don’t get it. Honestly it’s sad and shameful. The video game world has consumed children and taken all their attention away from being involved in physical activity. Does anyone else see the relation here?

I do enjoy my video games, but enough is enough. Software is always evolving and kids can’t seem to get enough of the new gadgets. This is the point where I ask myself, has technology become too much? Have we forgotten how to just live? Everyone depends on their cell phones, Blackberrys and computers to control their everyday lives. Hardly any one can function without them — even grandparents who grew up in an era without all this advanced technology. Why don’t we get back to what’s meaningful in life, enjoying family, friends, and the earth?

Try going without your cell phone for the day and see how it makes you feel. It’s quite relaxing and enjoyable. I miss the days when I didn’t always have the constant chirp of my text message or the quick email. I miss being a KID who played OUTSIDE!


~ by dbozmedia on March 3, 2010.

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