Augmenting reality without a guitar

The phrase “augmented reality” sounds like a convenient euphemism for hallucinogenic drugs, but it may best be described as putting captions on the real world.

Cell phones already seem like they are merely extensions of our hands. Augmented reality software could make some rabid users want to embed the devices surgically into their palms. In theory, augmented reality could soon alter our sensory processing of the physical world.

For teenagers who are already accustomed to non-stop texting, this could merely be the next step in a logical evolution. I supposed in its most simple uses on a cell phone, augmented reality is not much different than reading a map. I’m not ready for a 3-D reading experience that requires high-tech goggles, though.

For now, I’ll mentally compose my own biased captions as I process the physical world around me. I vaguely remember playing in bands many years ago that attempted to augment reality.


~ by dbozmedia on October 28, 2009.

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