I didn’t feel naked, but I did feel hopelessly disconnected

During a recent evening of performing loud rock music, I paid plenty of attention to my Stratocaster and not much attention to my BlackBerry. As a result, I spent a sleepless night thinking that I had lost my cell phone.

I would describe the feeling as one of hopeless disconnection.blackberry3 Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. experienced similar feelings of cell-phone deprivation at an airport. He wrote, “Had I found myself standing there in my underdrawers, I don’t think I’d have felt more naked.”

I can’t say I felt naked, but I did feel panicky. I don’t diligently back up my cell phone data, so most of my contacts and calendar would have been lost, and some of the contact info would have been irretrievable. More importantly, I imagined important people calling me with important information, leaving important messages that I now couldn’t hear.

In the days of landlines, I had lots of other people’s phone numbers memorized. Today, I struggle just to remember my own cell phone number. Memorizing several 7- or 10-digit phone numbers has been reduced to memorizing a few single-digit speed dials.

The story has a happy ending. After much tossing and turning, I awoke early the next morning and found the phone had somehow fallen into a small rip on one of my equipment bags. It was a fluky place for the phone to hide. Now I’ve returned to speed dial and avoided the wrath of my wife, who likely would have taken away any future cell phone privileges and made me surrender my iPod to avoid another similar catastrophe in the future.

Ultimately, I learned something about myself. After only a couple of months with a BlackBerry, I’m (I apologize in advance for once again abusing the upcoming verb) addicted to it. Had I found myself with no iPod, TV remote control, GPS device, or garage door opener, I don’t think I’d have felt more disconnected.


~ by dbozmedia on September 9, 2009.

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