My Marriage to Moodle

Classes begin this week, and I’m making what seems like a lifelong commitment .

I’ve taught online classes in the past, and I’ve regularly used online course management systems such as Moodle, Blackboard and WebCT in online and on-campus classes for many years. This semester is different, though. I feel like I’m marrying Moodle.

moodNot only has our campus adopted Moodle for future classes, I’ve also decided to incorporate Moodle as the most integral part of my course planning. Besides using it for class notes and daily instructional sequence, I’ll be relying on student discussion forums to create lessons and assignments. My greatest fear is that the course management system, rather than the course learning objectives, will rule. Also, I’m a bit worried that if I ever lose Internet access in the classroom, I’ll feel like a jilted lover.

My teaching career has spanned from physical classrooms with electronic typewriters to virtual classrooms with wikis and blogs. Over the years I’ve gone through a gradual separation from a lecture/discussion teaching style. Now I’m marrying a sexy new trophy wife/system named Moodle. Will this last until digital death do us part, or will my eyes soon start wandering toward other course management tools?


~ by dbozmedia on August 20, 2009.

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