An addition to the list of addictions?

I’ve noticed a potentially addictive trend among many college students, especially while I give them software training. They have an irresistible urge to constantly check for e-mail, Facebook, and MySpace messages, even if I’m providing one-on-one training. At first I was frustrated and insulted by what seemed like a lack of respect, but lately I’ve become fascinated with this addiction, although it still concerns me. I usually don’t like to toss the word “addiction” around lightly, but a psychological dependence seems evident here. They can’t seem to muster the self-control to avoid constant mouse clicking.

It’s not just students, though. E-mailoholism seems to be affecting plenty of working-age adults as well. An ABC News feature even uses search-enticing terms such as “junkies” and “PDA Sex?” in the sub-headlines.

A survey conducted in late 2007 concluded that a typical Internet user spends at least seven hours a week with e-mail and social networking.

I admit that I checked my e-mail accounts twice while I was preparing this blog entry. I don’t think I’m addicted yet, but perhaps there are signs of danger ahead. Will creating this blog make me more at risk?

Final word: UNPLUG for a bigger portion of each day before we have to start local support groups and enroll in self-help seminars.


~ by dbozmedia on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “An addition to the list of addictions?”

  1. Hi There. Stumbled across your journal…

    I’m definitely addicted, and I hate it. And love it.

    Which, I suppose, sums up addiction pretty well.

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